Solar Hot Water for Tiny Homes & Small Dwellings



example of solar hot water on tiny home
tiny house with solar hot water installed

The best solar option for a small roof surface area of a tiny home or small dwelling is the Apricus 10 tube solar hot water collector. Its suitable for the low water consumption of up to three people and heats a 90L hot water cylinder. It may also be suitable for motorhomes or house buses taking up only 1.6m² of roof space.

Apricus 10 Tube Collector
10 tube solar hot water system for small houses
  • Heats 90L hot water cylinder –
  • perfect for two, or three people with low water use
  • Small footprint @ 1.6m² – less on pitched frame
  • Top quality Apricus collector – used around the world in domestic and commercial solar installations
  • Built in frost and over temperature protection
  • High quality, energy efficient components • 12V or 230V controller & pump