Technical Information

Apricus collectors have been installed in New Zealand for over 10 years giving invaluable system design experience and knowledge. This is combined with a relentless focus on quality and continual improvement by Apricus Global.

The result are top quality solar collectors, delivering industry leading performance using high quality components for the rest of the system.

Below is some downloadable information if you like some more indepth and technical information about Apricus solar water heaters.

System Operation

This guide is left with all householders to help outline the basic functions of the system and answer many common questions.

Apricus Solar Controllers

The Apricus controller is specifically designed for NZ homes with an easy to use interface for timing and boosting water heating using the electric element.

Apricus Solar Collector Overview

A detailed overview of the latest innovations in the solar water heating with the Apricus ETC collectors.

Apricus Frames

Apricus have developed an industry leading frame system, manufactured from anodized aluminium alloy and rated to withstand winds up to 316km/h.

Apricus ETC20 Solar Collector Technical Information

Technical data for the ETC20 solar collectors.

Apricus ETC30 Solar Collector Technical Information

Technical data for the ETC30 solar collectors.


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