Sustainable Water Heating Options

Posted: September 3, 2019
Category: Specification , Sustainability
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Two articles explaining sustainable hot water options for New Zealand Buildings can be found on EBOSS. The articles are written by Marcus Baker who has worked in many areas of environmental sustainability and home performance. He is currently Principle Solar Hot Water System Designer and Managing Director of Apricus New Zealand. Marcus writes regularly for EBOSS, they provide performance information, compliance, drawings, case studies, technical advice and more from 220 leading New Zealand building suppliers.

The first one is a comparison of different domestic hot water options currently available in NZ for individual homes, with a focus on the key considerations of environmental sustainability, capital cost, running cost, and ease of installation and maintenance. Read more on the EBOSS website Sustainable Water Heating Options for Homes.

The second one describes the sustainable options available for providing hot water to townhouses and apartments in 2019. Residential buildings have predictable hot water use so designing out fossil fuel use in this long-lasting infrastructure is easy and a high priority. These systems can be designed in from the outset; especially important in townhouses and apartments where retrofitting renewable technology is much more complex or potentially impossible. Read more on the EBOSS website about Sustainable Water Heating Options for Townhouses and Apartments.


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