Apricus Quote Request Form

The most popular Apricus solar hot water system for a new home is available from $4,550 (excludes installation labour)

This is an indicative cost for an Apricus 30 tube system for up to five people in a home.  The cost includes all solar system and install materials, to be fitted by your site plumber or one of our local installers.  As their labour cost will vary and is outside our control it is not included in the indicative cost above.

We recommend an Apricus 30 tube system is installed on a 300L hot cylinder which is not included in this indicative cost.  The cylinder can be purchased by you or supplied by your plumber or building company.  We recommend stainless steel, solar ready cylinders and will provide details of recommended models, depending on your specific design.

Apricus solar hot water systems can also be installed in your existing home to start saving straight away.  This may not require a new cylinder.  The installation cost will vary depending on your existing hot water system, please provide details so we can give you an estimate for your home.

To request a free quote or estimate for an Apricus solar hot water system to be installed at your home or business, please fill out the form below.  We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

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