Solar Hot Water For Dairy Farm Sheds

Apricus Solar Hot Water systems are available for your dairy farm. We are also now offering hot water heat pump installations on dairy farms – if you would like to consider this please visit one of our other brands at Reclaim Energy. Or simply contact us directly for advice.

No matter the size and operation of your dairy farm, we can measure and deliver on the system that best fits your needs.

Cut expenses and gain independence through self-produced hot water, all the while becoming a more sustainable operation.

Prices are competitive and we are known for our practical and professional advice.

Why use Apricus?

  • High Performance Evacuated Tube Collectors
  • Reliable System and Components, of the Highest Quality
  • Grundfos Pump and German Resol Controller
  • Water Heated to 85°C
  • Proudly Sold in New Zealand Since 2003
  • Reputable Distributor for Backup and Warranty Support
  • 10 Year Warranty on All Components
  • Waterproof Controller Mounting
  • Zero Frost Risk with Drainback Configuration


The Apricus Packages for Dairy Farm Shed’s are designed so they can easily be installed by farmers themselves.  Apricus will provide as much phone support as needed to ensure you get the system installed fuss-free.  Or T up your local plumber for an extra pair of hands on the job.

Complete Packages Include

Apricus Evacuated Tube Collectors, Pitched Frames, Grundfos Pump, Resol Controller & Sensors

Any questions? We are ready and waiting. Call us today.

Download the Apricus Dairy Shed Solar Hot Water Systems Brochure Here

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