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Everyone loves hot water, especially in the depths of winter, but with modern homes come modern complications.

Larger homes & increasing distance between hot water outlets and water heating systems can end up costing you more money than necessary. This distance usually means installing multiple water heaters, integrating complex plumbing designs to avoid dead legs (unused or rarely used pipes), and wasted hot water & energy. After all this money and time, you could still end up experiencing delays in receiving hot water.

If you’re anything like us, you just want a simple and reliable hot water system.  So we’ve been working on a solution that is economical and energy efficient – the Apricus FlowSmart system.

Apricus FlowSmart dramatically cuts down the cost and complications of just getting hot water.  It provides you with a low cost, simple and effective water heating system that is money, energy and water efficient.

How does it work?

An Apricus FlowSmart uses PIR movement sensors or every tap in your home as a switch, turning on the circulation of hot water to the furthest taps.

The FlowSmart system can be configured specifically for the layout and hot water use patterns of your home. Every system is made to measure.

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The complete system:

  1. A small, insulated pipe returns from the furthest hot water use area/s in your home to your cylinder.
  2. A low energy pump circulates water and returns unheated water back to your cylinder.
  3. The Apricus Smart Flow controller switches off the pump after a few seconds to minimise energy costs and heat loss.
  4. Once the pump has run, you’ll have instant hot water at every water outlet. 

Apricus Smart Flow is easily installed and works straight away.  The system can be installed in a new home, or retrofitted to an existing hot water system.  It doesn’t need a new cylinder and is the perfect complement to other renewable energy technologies, such as solar hot water, hot water heat pumps, PV energy dump.

The system needs to be installed by a plumber to run a return insulated pipe (10mm ) from the furthest point/s.  Local tempering valves at supply branches are required to maintain a safe temperature in all pipelines.

The Apricus FlowSmart includes:

  • Apricus FlowSmart controller & flow switch
  • Grundfos super low energy pump (30 watts maximum) & standard valves
  • Optional PIR room sensor/s for control to individual outlets & rooms

The system is great value in comparison to having multiple water heaters.  The saving on wasted water & energy are instantaneous with the extremely low running costs.

Get in touch with us for design advice for your specific situation.

Download the Apricus FlowSmart Brochure Here