solar hot water system tubes

Replacement parts and repairs for solar hot water systems in New Zealand.

A common problem we have found with existing installations is that the companies that originally supplied or installed the systems are no longer operating. There will be plenty of systems out there that may require some spare parts or replacement collectors, especially over winter when they tend to get frost damage, but there is no one from the original installation company able to help.

Apricus solar is able to assist with parts or replacement collectors for many of these systems including those from companies such as Solarcity, Nova, Sola60, Azzuro, Kingspan, Rinnai Solar, Beasley Solar and others. Apricus systems are an ideal replacement for these collectors, and you can either get a replacement for the roof collector only or complete system package replacement.

The benefits of choosing replacement parts from Apricus solar is that Apricus started selling systems in 2003 in NZ and is still going strong. We have developed a strong network of installers and repair experts who can assist you throughout New Zealand.

Our experience in the market has lead to continual product and service improvement.  These developments maximise the performance and longevity of solar systems in the challenging New Zealand climate.

Apricus own and manage the manufacturing process for their system, allowing the unique position to offer a 10-year warranty on Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water collectors. Plus, a 15-year warranty on the header pipe inside the collector manifold.