Quality and Warranty

Apricus Solar Hot Water installation company owns and manages its own manufacturing process and works on solar installations worldwide. We offer you nothing but the best in solar with our 10-year warranty on Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water collectors. This provides you with the assurance that you are getting quality that we will stand by.

Global Expertise

  • Apricus is a worldwide company, with offices around the globe.
  • We do solar installations in all climate zones.
  • We have ten years experience in Solar Hot Water manufacturing, research and design.
  • Apricus have 100,000 solar hot water systems installed worldwide (up until late 2015).
  • We have our own factory with ISO9001 quality management accreditation.
  • Products are tested to global solar and quality standards:
    AS/NZS 2712 & Watermark (NZ), OG-100 (USA), CSA (Canada), Solar Keymark (European).

We receive and welcome feedback from all Apricus partners, this directly helps with our continual product improvements, alongside our research and design efforts.

Local Knowledge & Support

Apricus New Zealand started selling systems in 2003.  Our experience in the market has lead to continual product and service improvement, our evolving development is to maximise performance and longevity in the challenging New Zealand climate.

Apricus New Zealand are here for the long term, we stand by our partners and customers.

Apricus Warranty

Apricus own and manage the manufacturing process, allowing us the unique position to offer a 10-year warranty on Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water collectors. Plus, a 15-year warranty on the header pipe. Apricus have got you covered.

International Quality Recognition

• NZ & Australian - AS/NZS2712:2007 & Watermark

• European – Solarkeymark

• American – SRCC OG-100 & IAPMO USEC

• ISO9001:2008 Quality Managed factory

• Patents for evacuated tubes, heat pipe assembly & hot water cylinders

Apricus Quality Recognition Awards

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