solar hot water installation at Waimanugu near Rotorua

System Details

This is a very busy tourist destination, drawing in visitors from all over to see “How the world began”!  Waimangu is the world’s youngest geothermal system with spectacular volcanic craters, enormous hot water springs, beautiful geothermal features, rare and unusual plant life, brilliantly coloured micro biology and a wide array of birds

Despite the incredible geothermal resources Waimangu’s visitor centre and cafe have relied on an aging electricity system to heat their water.  So they enlisted the help of Apricus to design and install a solar hot water system.  The cafe now has a very sustainable and low cost hot water system with two Apricus 20 tube collectors and two 270L hot water cylinders.

Next time you’re near Rotorua visit this incredible attraction, with sustainable hot water systems from nature and Apricus!