System Details

Apricus 20 tube collector on 180L low pressure cylinder with wetback - Retrofit to existing home


"I thought that I may not have enough money for the system and found it hard to get good information. It was difficult to find someone I could trust who specialises in solar water systems and would use a quality product for a good installation. I also wanted to make sure there was someone local who could provide support. If there was an emergency I’d be stuck if there wasn’t someone to contact. I have had a poor quality system in the past that kept bursting in hard frosts and I had to do a lot of the work myself. I didn’t want that repeated.

Now, having installed an Apricus system it has been brilliant. I’ve realised how badly the old system was performing. On a good winter’s day the cylinder will be in the high 50˚C’s.

I never, never, never use the electric element. I just use the wetback as a back-up.

The water is always hot and there is nothing I need to change. I know the temperature at the push of a button.

I’ve not had any problems at all. Brilliant. Knowing it is safe in a hard frost means I don’t have the worries I used to have with the old flat plate collector. I don’t think about it anymore. I know if there is a problem there you are because of the local installer.

I would absolutely recommend the system to other people. Having had a flat plate panel before this one is much better."