Pearson, Ohope, Bay of Plenty

Apricus 30 tube collector - Install on a new home

System Details

Apricus 30 tube collector  - Install on a new home


"When we were considering a solar hot water system for our new home build we looked at a number of different solar systems and with a little bit of investigation it was an easy choice to choose Apricus based on initial cost, return on investment and reputation. We looked at the potential savings versus the capital cost and with a payback of approximately 4 years it was an easy decision for us to make.

Over the summer months we have had lots of family and friends coming to stay with us as we're close to the beach. There have been up to 7 people having two showers each a day and we've not run out of solar heated water except once when the weather has been really bad and then we only needed minimal topping up from electricity.

I have recommended the system to a number of people, personally and through my role at Landmark Homes, Whakatane.  Our  customers have often included the system in their new home builds.

The best aspect – we never have to worry about the ever increasing cost of electricity for heating hot water."  Gray Pearson, Ohope

Gray Pearson, Ohope