Genesis Hamilton

installation of solar hot water at genesis in hamilton

System Details

Array Size: 4 x ETC-30 collectors Peak
Output: 8 kW Annual
Energy Output: ~ 13,167 kWh
Annual CO2 Offset: ~ 3.29 tonnes
System Format: Open loop with ring main diversion
Solar Preheat Storage: 1,000L Back-up
System: 1,000L cylinder with 30kW electric elements

Genesis Energy are the cornerstone tenants of a new building in central Hamilton. The building was commissioned as a design build.

The building has a great central location on Bryce Street, Hamilton. This location and a focus on walking, cycling and public transport is a key part of Genesis Energy taking on the building.
There is bicycle parking and a number of showers for employees to use. This means increased hot water consumption and higher costs for the landlord.

A solar hot water system was seen as the ideal way to provide lower cost hot water and reduce the building’s environmental impact.

Apricus NZ were commissioned by FB Hall & Co plumbers to model, design and supply a solar hot water system that would fit the developer’s requirements.

On the strength of the design support for this project and product quality FB Hall & Co asked to become a long-term partner with Apricus. They are now promoting the product to other commercial and domestic customers.