System Details

2x Apricus 30 tube collector on 2x 300L hot water cylinders - New home build


"We found that an Apricus solar hot water system wasn’t the cheapest option but it was certainly in the playing field with other quotes.

Now we have it installed we find that solar hot water is brilliant. I love that I can check the different temperatures in different parts of the system. And it tells me what my savings are.

The system is really controllable with different elements in the cylinders. I can control it to suit the time of year and how many people we have in the house. I like how it gives me control. I can manage how much electricity we use instead of relying on the Power Board to ripple us off.

We have both systems completely on solar all summer. We have noticed when the cylinders are on power because our bills go up. We have halved our summer power bills from the old house to our new home, even more with features in the house, a bigger house and swimming pool.

I would definitely recommend the system to someone else. I just love the system and enjoy actively managing our water heating."