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No more oil exploration permits

Political leadership in times of turmoil doesn’t get much better than this announcement!

Announcing the end of new off-shore oil and gas permits is a strong, brave and completely necessary move.  We applaud the brave folks in Wellington for this pioneering step.

New Zealand can and should be a leader in renewable energy, sustainable systems and low carbon living.  If we don’t we’re all completely stuffed for many generations to come.  It’s incredibly heartening to see politicians taking the irrefutable science seriously and leaving the fossil fuels in the ground.

We are a dynamic and enterprising country that will always make the best of what we face.  We need these brave decisions to be made by central government so the rest of the country can get on with the hard work of innovating and developing new modes of operating this awesome country.

If we are to leave our children and grandchildren a planet that is at least livable and preferably comfortable and climatically stable we need to decarbonise rapidly.  We can do this together, it will be a better place and we can enjoy the journey.