Even a tornado can’t budge an Apricus solar collector….

As climate changes continues to develop we’re experiencing wilder weather events even more frequently, often completely out of the blue. A few days ago in Whakatane, Eastern Bay of Plenty, a tornado suddenly materialised in a subdivision at Ohope Beach. It caused havoc for a few minutes, laying low a couple of fences and trees, flinging around kayaks, rubbish bins and anything else in its path.

The tornado shattered several houses’ windows and blew a number of roof tiles off homes in the area. On one house, “It pushed a window through and there is glass throughout the house. It’s also ripped another window from the sash,” said Marcus Riefler, Manuera Place.

It only lasted about one minute but it was powerful enough to leave a trail of destruction in its wake. A temporary toilet was blown over on a building site and water was left shooting in to the sky.

Despite all of this carnage the Apricus solar hot water collector on one of the home’s roofs didn’t budge. The Apricus frames are designed and tested to withstand wind gusts of up to 315km per hour so if it ever does take flight it will probably still be attached to the roof! Apricus collectors have survived hurricanes and typhoons around the world so it’s good to see this system staying solid in Ohope.

Climate change is resulting in more extreme weather events so it is reassuring to know that the Apricus solar collectors will be there whatever the weather. Plus, by harvesting solar energy and reducing electricity consumption an Apricus solar hot water system will be helping to reduce our climate changing greenhouse gas emissions.

Image showing Apricus solar collector on tornado damaged house
Local news coverage of the tornado