Apricus solar hot water powering Genesis Energy

We’re really stoked to be providing solar hot water to the whole team at Genesis Energy in Hamilton.

Especially everyone who is taking advantage of their bike parking and on-site showers at their new office in Bryce Street, Hamilton.

We have worked with the builders and hydraulic services designers to put together a high performance, low maintenance solar hot water system to provide a heap of hot water every day.  The system is integrated with the building ring main so whenever there is plenty of solar energy all the heat losses are take up by solar rather than the electricity network.

We’re sorry if the lower electricity use at the building reduces Genesis Energy’s operating profits.  But we’re stoked to be able to tick off another building with a sustainable water heating system, care of Apricus NZ.

So calling all designers and specifiers of commercial buildings, let’s reduce the greenhouse gas burden of water heating with smart solar solutions.