Solar Design Features

Apricus solar hot water systems utilise high quality, high performance evacuated tube collector technology.  Apricus patented technologies are designed and built to capture more solar energy for more hours, in comparison to other competing solar collection technologies.  The following is a list of the Apricus system features that have helped to maintain Apricus as a leader in the solar thermal industry.

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Passive Sun Tracking

The Apricus solar hot water collectors passively track the sun, reaching peak output in the early morning and holding its peak until late afternoon.  The evacuated tube system is significantly more efficient that traditional flat plate collectors or plate in tube collectors.

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Excellent Cold Weather Performance

The Apricus solar collector tubes have a vacuum between two glass layers that work similarly to a thermos flask by retaining up to 95% of the solar energy they capture. This means that heat is retained and not lost into the atmosphere in colder climates and during the winter months.

The collectors are also rated to handle frost down to -15°C without the use of glycol, which dramatically reduces maintenance of the system.

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High Wind Rating

Apricus aluminium frames can cope with wind gusts of up to 316km/h (cyclonic winds), independently reviewed by structural engineers to AS/NZS1170.2.

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Suited for Coast Conditions

The mounting frame is made from high tensile 6005-T5 anodised aluminium alloy. The anodised frame treatment combined with marine grade 316SS attachment plates, tube clips, nuts, bolts and washers make the collector extremely durable in coastal installations. The frames will continue to look great while having the strength to last the distance.

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Apricus uses extremely durable twin-glass tubes with a high efficiency selective coating. Each batch of tubes undergoes random selection steel ball impact testing and 100% visual inspection.

In addition, Apricus tubes have passed NZ/Australian, European (Solarkeymark) and Swiss hail stone impact testing.  Apricus collectors are rated for hail resistance, up to 25mm hail stone at 25m/s multiple times and in various places.

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An Apricus 30 tube solar collector has a peak output of over 2kW and only takes up 4.4m² of the roof.  The collectors are compact with a very high capacity, meaning you don’t have to cover your whole roof with solar collectors.

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Easy to Repair

The collector tubes are easy to repair should a problem ever occur.  Each tube can be removed and replaced separately, making any repairs quick and easy, with no water leaks to worry about.

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End of Life Recyclability

Ease of recycling was a key consideration when selecting the materials for the Apricus solar collectors, so ensuring minimal end of life environmental impact.  All the key components can be readily recycled in standard, local systems.