Solar Hot Water

Save energy

Reduce your power bill

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Installations for houses, commercial buildings and dairy farms.


Reduce your energy bill by 30%

Heating water is the single biggest energy user in a typical home, an Apricus solar water heating system can reduce hot water costs by three-quarters.


Reduce your environmental impact

Switch to 100% renewable energy from the sun and reduce your reliance on peak electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.


Reduce your grid power reliance

Prices for electricity are constantly increasing, fix your price for heating your water with an Apricus solar hot water system.

Apricus have been installing high performance, reliable solar hot water systems in New Zealand residential and commercial buildings since 2003.

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems are made up of high quality, efficient and durable components to ensure that you will get maximum performance for many years to come. We partner with experienced, dedicated local solar installers to ensure you receive the best service through the life of your system.

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McDonalds Tauranga

McDonalds Tauranga

Torere Marae Whare Paku, Torere, East Cape

Torere Marae Whare Paku, Torere, East Cape

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hot water system


Design Features

Apricus solar hot water collector panels utilise top quality, high performance proprietary evacuated tube collector technology.  Apricus patented equipment is designed to capture more of the sun's energy for more hours than other evacuated tube or flat plate collectors.

Some of Apricus solar collector features include:

Passive Solar Tracking
Cold Weather Performance
End of Life Recyclability
Suited for Coast Conditions

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