Heating water is a big energy user - reduce your energy bill by 30%


It's high performance, reliable and withstands New Zealand’s extreme conditions.


Once installed you are generating hot water completely free for 20 years.


Get advice and design specifications for your new home here.


Apricus New Zealand supply evacuated tube solar hot water systems throughout New Zealand. Our professional installers will finish the job to the highest of standards, ensuring quality and precision for every installation. We bring the latest in solar hot water technologies, leading innovation with easy to use controllers and high efficiency pumps.

passive solar hot water icon
Passive Solar Tracking

Tubes provide a greater surface area than flat solar panels, they take up less roof space and perform better in shady or cloudy conditions.

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Cold Weather Performance

The unique design of an Apricus system can be used in temperatures as low as -15°C. There are special designs available for locations with even lower temperatures.

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End of Life Recyclability

We wanted to ensure minimal end of life environmental impact. All the key components can be readily recycled in standard, local systems.

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Suited for Coast Conditions

The anodised frame treatment combined with marine grade 316SS attachment plates, tube clips, nuts, bolts and washers make the collector extremely durable in coastal installations.


Our solar hot water systems are tested to the most respected and rigorous certification standards, these are the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (USA) and Solar Keymark (Europe). This high level of certification and standards testing’s exceeds what most solar suppliers in New Zealand are selling, so check the certification before you buy.


Apricus installs solar hot water solutions for not only residential homes but also for commercial businesses and for farms. Here are some examples of our solar projects.

Phil Meredith
Phil Meredith
19:10 02 Nov 21
Purchased a solar hot water system from apricus in 2016.
This system is installed in Samoa.
Had some of the internal copper tubing fail.
Marcus replaced all the failed units even though it was out of warranty.
Excellent after sales service
Totally recommend Apricus systems.
Debbie Benner
Debbie Benner
20:37 28 Oct 19
Brilliant service...and outstanding after sales service. Thanks Marcus and the team for checking and repairing my system without me even asking, and all under warranty.
Trevor Green
Trevor Green
20:22 03 Jul 19
A solar tube hot water heater was installed 18 months ago and is performing perfectly. There was some initial teething problems with the system due to the location of the collector. These were eliminated over the next 5 months and the whole system is working correctly. I highly recommend the system and installers for anybody who requires a solar water heater
Kristy Hoare (My Solar Quotes)
Kristy Hoare (My Solar Quotes)
21:54 05 Jul 17
Phil Gregg
Phil Gregg
02:18 17 Nov 16
Gerard Schumacher
Gerard Schumacher
03:57 08 Nov 16
We installed an Apricus solar pool heating system and just love it. Easy to use and already the pool temp is up by 8 degrees after one weekend. Looking forward to some great time in our solar heated swimming pool this summer.Gerard SchumacherMount Maunganui